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Our smile is one of the most crucial aspects of our appearance and self-presentation. It is essential to keep it healthy and in good condition, which makes dental visits an inevitable part of our lives. The patient’s experience in any dental office will be shaped by a variety of factors, one of which is notably underestimated – the dental chair.

Types of Dental Units and Accessories that a Dental Center may require

Dental Accesories

Early and accurate diagnosis is crucial in dentistry to ensure optimal treatment and avoid complications. Dental accessories provide dentists with the necessary tools to achieve this goal.

Dental radiography, for example, is an essential diagnostic tool that has been perfected with the help of dental accessories. Modern X-ray devices provide detailed and clear images that facilitate the identification of hidden problems, such as dental caries and infections of internal dental tissue.

Dental Units

The first aspect to consider is how a good dental chair can improve the dentist’s productivity. The dental chair is not simply where the patient sits; it is where the dentist performs his or her work from. An inadequate chair can reduce the dentist’s efficiency and lead to postural problems. 

The ergonomic design of the dental chair is critical to ensure the dentist’s comfort during procedures that can sometimes be painstaking and require prolonged periods of concentration. A chair that provides adequate lumbar support and allows for height adjustments can reduce fatigue and increase the dentist’s efficiency and accuracy in their work.


At Kalstein you can find the ideal Dental Units and Accessories for your Dental Center

There are an infinite number of models, so it's normal that you may not know which Dental unit or accessory to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them so you can find what you are looking for.

Affordable Dental Chair YR06006

Dental equipment manufacturer, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of dental chairs...


Economical and Practical Dental Chair YR06007

Provide maximum support, according to the ergonomic system design, reduce the change of the patient’s body angle when...


Strong Stability Dental Unit YR06005

Integrated back support and armrest good for relax of back, elbow and


Sealing Machine

It is made of sterilization paper and polypropylene, coated with thermal chemical


Our best-selling Dental Unit

  1. Adjustable headrest, easy to adjust and adapt to the use of different groups of people.
  2. LED dental light, flexible positioning, can be induced, can be manual. There are two light sources, white light and yellow. light. Provide you with high-quality work light source.
  3. The spittoon is made of anti-stain and vitreous porcelain, which can be easily removed for cleaning and disinfection. Can be rotated 90°.
  4. Unique balance arm design, flexible adjustment of lifting, pursuit of stability and smoothness, highlighting the character of the portable dental unit.

Guides for you to become an expert in Dental Units and Accessories

The Dental Units equipment are indispensable products in a Dental Center, we provide guidelines and recommendations for a better use, so that you can work as an expert.

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Our smile is one of the most crucial aspects of our appearance and self-presentation. It is

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Frequently asked questions from our customers about Dental Units and Accessories

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