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The importance of laboratory reagents in medical research is undeniable. These components ensure not only the validity but also the reliability of the results. The true value of a medical study lies in the accuracy of the results in order to make correct and effective diagnoses. To obtain a true picture of the biology of an organism, an experiment must be specific and sensitive. 

Types of Reagents and Consumables that a Laboratory may need


Reagents are also used as mixtures for the production of biopolymers, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. In natural sciences, reagents can help people better understand the natural environment.

This is achieved through the analysis of ecosystems, which includes the identification of the organisms that exist in them, as well as their trophic rotations. Reagents are used to identify nutrients in an ecosystem as well as harmful compounds such as heavy metals and pesticides.


Reagents, which can be both natural and artificial, are chemicals that bind to bodies reacting to certain conditions. Within science they are usually used for research and determination of chemical species, amount of a bacterium in the water, any type of reaction, among others.

The reagents have very varied applications in areas such as natural sciences, biological sciences, medicine and chemistry. In medicine, reagents are used to detect infectious diseases, chronic diseases, different types of allergies or other forms of tissue infections.


In Kalstein you can find the ideal Reagents and Consumables for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know what Reagents and Consumables to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Histopathology Accessories and Consumables YRA18

Improve quality, reduce errors, and save time with dedicated plug and play consumables. From glass slides and coverslips to...


Hematology Reagents YRA15 // YRA17

Hematology reagents are indispensable in the use of hematology analyzer. Hematology reagents include hemolytic agents...


Histopathology Accessories and Consumables Packages

Improve quality, reduce errors, and save time with dedicated plug and play consumables. From glass slides and coverslips to...


Clinical Chemistry Reagents YRA1 // YRA14

Laboratory chemical reagents are chemical substances used in laboratories to make determinations of the content of...


Our Best Selling Reagents and Consumables

The blood lipid elements: TCH, TG, HDL-C LDL-C , APOA1, the APOB, Lp(a), HCY, TIR.

The elements of liver function: ALP, γ-GT, AST, ALT, TP, ALB, TBIL, DBIL, CHE, TBA, safe, ADA, 5′-NT, MAO, AFP, AMM, legs, ALC, GLDH.

Myocardium Zymogram elements: LDH, α-HBDH, CK-MB, CK, MB, ACE, LDHI, TNI, IMA.

The elements of renal function: UREA, UA, CREA, MALB, Cys-C, BMG, NAG, UTP, α1-MG, RBP.

Glyometabolism elements: GLU, SGP, HbA1c, D3H, LAC.

Pancreas elements: α-Amy, LPS.

Pepsinogen elements: PGI, PGI.

Blood gas electrolyte elements: CL, Ca, P, Mg, CO2, Na, K, Cu, Fe, Zn.

Rheumatism elements: RF, ASO, CRP.

The special protein elements: PALB, TRF, G6PD, DD3, C, C4, IgA, IgG, IgM, UIBC, CP.

Inspection of Hemagglutination topic: FB.


Guides to become an expert in Reagents and Consumables

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of Reagents and Consumables of the highest quality and that have the best technology in the market, we leave you some blogs to know more about our product.

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Medical science has always prioritized accuracy and precision in its research. A major aspect that contributes to...

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Laboratory reagents are substances or compounds used to perform experiments, analyses and tests in clinical...

Reagent Test
Facilitating Disease

The interpretation of blood reagent tests is an important tool for physicians to help diagnose disease...

Controlling the quality of Hematology Reagents

Hematology reagents are important for the performance of diagnostic tests; the quality of the reagents should be observed consistently to be sure of obtaining accurate results...

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