Microwave digester: in which scientific sectors is it used?

The use of this equipment for different scientific processes is proven thanks to the scientific researchers in the areas of chemistry and engineering, where the use of microwaves for NTK analysis and oxygen demand is validated, due to the effective system of temperature that these processes require, thanks to the microwave digester samples and tests reach a necessary temperature in a shorter time and without thermal degradation. 

The areas where this microwave digestion technique is used, is where they require a method to optimize the conditions and time to reach results to determine the quantification of nitrogen found in the tests, in addition to using the technology to automate and guarantee the process of the desired temperatures in each sample, control this temperature and reduce the time is the most outstanding aspect of microwave use. 

Scientific applications of microwave digesters

Thanks to the functionalities of the equipment, which reduces the working times in those samples that require high levels of digestion, has caused it to be a very used device in experiments with different types of samples in a variety of industries, where they use samples of different characteristics and with different nitrogen compounds, besides offering results in a reduced time.

Another application of the microwave digester is that it can be used in those areas where it is necessary to obtain elementary information from solid samples, by spectroscopic techniques, this type of process is used by fields such as: Environment, agriculture, food, plastics, petrochemical industry, geochemical industry, metals, ceramics.

Microwave digestion for determination of total iron and zinc content in food

This technique is used in this area because the manipulation of the sample is minimal, reducing the loss of analytes by volatilization, the contamination of the sample, in addition to protecting the bioanalyst from the exposure of the vapors generated during the acid digestion and the substantial decrease of the time invested in the mineralization of the organic matter.

This procedure of food digestion by means of a microwave, to quantify the total iron and zinc in different matrices by atomic absorption spectroscopy, is analyzed the optimal amount of HNO3 concentrated at 65% to digest certain sample mass by evaluation of the recovery percentage obtained with different amount of HNO3 obtaining satisfactory results that cover the requirements demanded by scientists to give effective solutions. 

Digestion procedure in environmental samples with microwave

The numerous applications of this device, highlights the dissolution of inorganic samples, in addition to the digestion of organic materials, in this way for the dissolution of inorganic samples, where digestion is able to quickly dissolve minerals, rock and glass samples among other inorganic materials, by mineral acids. The samples are also heated to temperatures higher than normal boiling points, achieving rapid digestion for further chemical analysis in AA equipment and ICP spectroscopy.

In general, the use of microwave digesters is a method that has optimized the routine economic analysis of environmental samples, plant material, quality control of food and other materials, the vast majority of environmental samples are mixed with various radionuclides; it is necessary to quantify the activity of a particular radionuclide, so the solution is to subject the sample to a digestion process to achieve the separation of the element in question for its correct quantification and in a reduced time.

Characteristics of the models of microwave digesters brand KALSTEIN

  • Special design sample digestion vessel: Automatic ventilation and self-closing structure ensures that the digestion vessels can automatically release the pressure and instantly reclose when a sudden overpressure situation occurs.
  • Non-contact temperature and pressure monitoring system: This makes the isolation between the temperature and pressure control system, also prevents cross contamination of the sample. Each real-time temperature and pressure value is displayed throughout the digestion process, allowing for clear verification of digestion conditions.
  • Large storage capacity: You can edit and store 255 types of programs according to user requirements and each method program can set parameters.
  • Security protection system: With high-strength double lock security door, real-time temperature and pressure monitoring, automatic overpressure and overtemperature adjustment and abnormal sound monitoring, the device can operate in a highly secure environment.
  • Power adjustment: The pulse-free or variable frequency resonance continuous rotation mode ensures uniform, high-efficiency microwave performance. 

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