Brix Digital Refractometer YR05944 // YR05952

Manufacturer: Kalstein


Digital Brix Refractometer is designed to measure the concentration of soluble solids (almost 100% sugar) in aqueous solutions of sugar content of solution such as fruit juice, syrup, puree, ade, coffee drinks, cocoa drinks, soft drinks, water-soluble cutting oil, water-soluble washing solution, etc.

As well as measuring refractive index of solution. The unit features automatic temperature compensation (ATC) which make temperature corrections unnecessary between 0 to 40°C (32-104°F). It utilizes the standardized brix scale which is accurate and easy to read. The digital display is quick and easy to read brix readings.

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC): between 10 and 40°C (50 – 104°C)
  • Measurement Time: Approximately 1.5 seconds
  • Minimum Sample Volume: 2 metric drops
  • Light Source: Yellow LED
  • Sample Cell: Stainless steel ring and flint glass prism
  • Case Materia: l ABS
  • Enclosure Rating: IP65
  • Battery:1.5v AAA
  • Auto-Off: After 3 minutes of non-use
  • Dimensions: 58*25*121mm
Technical Specification:
Model Description Measurement Range Min. Div. Accuracy ATC ATC Temp.
YR05944 Brix Brix:0.0-50.0% Refractive Index :1.3330-1.4200nD 0.10% 0.0001nD ±0.2% ±0.0003nD Yes 0-40°C
YR05945 Brix Brix:0.0-90.0% 0.10% ±0.2% Yes 0-40°C
YR05946 Brix – Refractive Index 1.3330-1.5177nD 0.0001nD ±0.0003nD Yes 0-40°C
YR05947 Dextran Dextran: 0.0–10.6% 0.10% ±0.2% Yes 0-40°C
YR05948 Fructose Fructose: 0.0–68.9% 0.10% ±0.2% Yes 0-40°C
YR05949 Glucose Glucose: 0.0–59.9% 0.10% ±0.2% Yes 0-40°C
YR05950 Lactose Lactose: 0.0–16.5% 0.10% ±0.2% Yes 0-40°C
YR05951 Maltose Maltose: 0.0–15.60% 0.10% ±0.2% Yes 0-40°C
YR05952 Refractive Index 1.3330-1.4200nD 0.0001nD ±0.0003nD Yes 0-40°C

Additional information

Weight 0,310 kg
Dimensions 17,5 × 11,0 × 5,0 cm

YR05944 Brix, YR05945 Brix, YR05946 Brix-Refractive Index, YR05947 Dextran, YR05948 Fructose, YR05949 Glucose, YR05950 Lactose, YR05951 Maltose, YR05952 Refractive Index

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