Class N Benchtop Autoclave YR03395 // YR03400

Manufacturer: Kalstein


It is a “Class N” semi-automatic autoclave that works without a steam generator. It has a pressure safety lock that can prevent it from opening if the chamber is pressurized, with two programs of 121 ° C and 134 ° C. It does not have a water tank, the water must be filled inside the chamber before sterilization. With optional automatic water flush (YR03395, YR03396, YR03397), drying (only YR03396 and YR03397) and drying plus (only YR03397). And the sterilization time and drying can be adjusted.

  • Two programs of 121 ° C and 134 ° C can be selected.
  • LED display screen
  • It can display the temperature with high precision, which can be 0.01 ° C.
  • High precision temperature control.
  • The water has to be deposited inside the chamber.
  • The pressure gauge shows the pressure all the time.
  • The pressure is released automatically after the cycle.
  • The water is drained manually
Security and Supervision
  • A pressure safety lock prevents opening if the chamber is pressurized.
  • Protection against overheating.
  • The pressure safety valve prevents overpressure in the chamber.
Model YR03395 YR03396 YR03397 YR03398 YR03399 YR03400
Chamber ⌀250X350mm ⌀250X450mm
Voltage 220-240 v/ 50Hz, 110-120v/60Hz
Power 1500W
Sterilization 121/134°C
Pressure 1.1 bar/121°C; 2.1bar/134°C
Sterilization 30~60min adjustable/121°C; 10~60min adjustable/134°C
Drying time No drying 1~60min adjustable, No drying 1~60min adjustable,
Default 60min Default 60min
Automatic Yes
Drying No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Drying Plus No No Yes No No Yes

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 62 × 51 × 56 cm

YR03395, YR03396, YR03397, YR03398, YR03399, YR03400

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