Double Person Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05267

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Widely used in medical, college and other industries. provide air purification for the working area; is the essential equipment to carry out biotechnology research and experimental.

Mirror stainless steel, corrosion-resistant; low consumption, high efficiencies filter; microcomputer control, weight-balance front door.

Two people two side, two people single side; optional horizontal laminar flow and vertical laminar.

  • Two models horizontal laminar flow and vertical laminar clean bench.
  • According to using function are desktop and vertical clean bench, two people single side (two sides).
  • The working surface is made of mirror stainless steel, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant.
  • Equipped with many kinds filter to meet the customerโ€™s purification degree requirements.
  • LED microcomputer controller, adjustable fan speed.
  • Operation door can be located any position.
Technical Parameters
Model YR05267
Wind speed (m/s) 0.25 ~ 0.45
Illumination ย (LX) & Noise Noise โ‰ค62dB
Voltage (V) 220
Power (KW) 0.5
Inner size (mm) (Hร—Wร—D) 500ร—1250ร—430
Overoll size (mm) (Hร—Wร—D) 1610ร—1450ร—580
Packing size (mm) (Hร—Wร—D) 1200ร—1530ร—660
Net weight (KG) 120
Shipping weight (KG) 127

Additional Information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 143,5 × 68 × 119 cm

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