Electric Water Distiller YR05978 // YR05982

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

The distilled water machine is widely used in ย medical and health care, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, chemical fiber industry, and other units, making high quality pure water use. Making the distilled water quality reach national pharmacopoeia of the standard of water for injection.

  • The overall use of high-quality stainless steel production.
  • Use the high temperature steam provided by the boiler to heat the heat and save energy.
  • The water condensed from the boiler steam is the source water.
  • Plate type steam heating tube, high thermal efficiency.
  • The tube cooling device has a large amount of water and is easy to maintain.
  • In the distillation process can effectively achieve filtration, ammonia discharge, water vapor separation, to ensure the quality of distilled water production.
Technical Data:
Model YR05978 YR05979 YR05980 YR05981 YR05982
Water discharge โ‰ฅ50L โ‰ฅ100L/h โ‰ฅ200L/h โ‰ฅ400L/h โ‰ฅ600L/h
Pressure of steam supply 0.4MPa
Pressure of cooling water 0.2MPa
Steam consumption โ‰ˆ1:1
Ratio of water consumption โ‰ค1:14
Dimensions (carton )cm 75ร—65ร—145cm 88ร—85ร—165cm 93ร—87ร—140cm 113ร—103ร—165cm customized
Capacity 50L/h 100L/h 200L/h 400L/h 600L /h

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR05978, YR05979, YR05980, YR05981, YR05982


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