Fluorometer YR412-A

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Certificacion europea

Product Description

A fluorometer measures the fluorescence parameters its intensity and wavelength distribution of the emission spectrum after excitation by a certain spectrum of light. Applications include chemistry / biochemistry, medicine, environmental monitoring. That means they are used to measure chlorophyll fluorescence to investigate plant physiology. These are key devices in any biological laboratory, especially for research. That is why we present this high-tech device to you, to turn your laboratory into a reliable company.

Fluorometer instrument

YR412-A is your solution as it is capable of measuring the absorbance of all ingredients (such as DNA, RNA, oligos, etc.) in the sample at 260nm, but keep in mind because that can make the reading inaccurate. . The fluorometer measures the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent reagent, which combines with the target molecule to read the concentration of the sample. In general, the reading is lower than that of the Nano series products, but it is much more accurate.

The sensitivity of Nano series products is greater than 5 ng / ul, while the fluorometer measures 0.5 pg / ul to measure DNA concentration. It is important and necessary for most applications to read the lowest and most accurate concentration of the sample. With the YR412-A Fluorometer with Quantitation Kit, you can measure sample concentration quickly, sensitively, and accurately.

  • Simple โ€“ 4.3 inch touch screen, small and easy to use
  • Easy measurement within 3 sec for DNA, RNA, and protein
  • High sensitivity โ€“ Lowest DNA detection limit is 0.5pg/ฮผl
  • Two optical channels โ€“ Equipped with two fluorescence channels for nucleic acid, protein quantitation in one detection
  • Linear dynamic range–Five orders of magnitude.
  • Opening system–You can match the instrument with the reagent you choose
  • It can save at most 1,000 data and output data by USB port
  • Adapter: 0.5ml qPCR tube adapter; 0.2ml qPCR tube adapter
Model YR412-A
Light source LED
Dynamic range Five orders of magnitude
Linear dynamic range R2 >0.995
Detector Photodiode
Repeatability <1.5%
Stability <1.5%
Sensitivity dsDNA: 0.5ng/ml
Measurement speed 3s (Once)
Dimension (Wร—Dร—H)mm 194ร—155ร—72.5
Weight 0.4kg


Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 56 × 36 × 28 cm

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