LED Shadowless Operating Lamp (Dual Head) YR06116



The counterweight design of the lamp head, which follows applicable safety requirements, brings more safety use
Exquisitely structured focusing system
The manual focusing technology enables simple and convenient operation and solves the technical difficulties in focusing of LED surgical shadowless lamps to realize non-grade focusing.

Perfect lighting effect

A novel LED cold light source is used, with no UV rays and IR rays in the spectrum, no need for heating. Having a round-shaped lamp head design, it follows the illuminating principle of shadowless lamps.The light is evenly radiated at 360°and the beam is more concentrated, which meets the needs of deep cavity lighting and creates a most realistic and clear operating area.

HD camera system

Several optional camera system combinations including internal and external cameras are available to meet different needs and various transfer interfaces, which are an important part of a digital operating room, are provided to facilitate remote teaching, R&D, and data archiving to perfectly create an integrated operating room system at the hospital.

High temperature resistant detachable handle

Made by imported high-end medical-grade PPSU materials; the pressing and plugging in/out operations are simple and convenient; it can be sterilized at a high temperature (≤160°C) to meet the aseptic requirements of operating rooms.

Techcnical Specifications
Model YR06116
Illuminance 160,000 LuX
Service life 60,000 hours with no need to change bulbs
Temperature resistant detachable handle ≤160°C
Color temperature adjustment 3500K to 5000K in six levels
Brightness adjustment Automatic 6-stage continuous light adjustment

Additional information

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 111 × 42 × 68 cm

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