Neonatal LED Phototherapy Unit YR06217



  • Use blue tube or LED as light source
  • LED Digital Timer, display therapy time & total time
  • Lifting & Mobile Stand, radiant head rotating by angle of 30°/ 60° /90°
Technical Specifications
Model YR06217
Input power <150VA
Light source Blue tube/ LED tube
Light source effective life 2,000 /50,000 hours
Wave length 400-550nm
Irradiance treatment distance 10~500px
Effective area 1125px×600px
Bilirubin total irradiance maximum (Ebi maximum) ≥2000μW/cm2
In effective area surface ≥500μW/cm2
Average in effective area surface ≥400μW/cm2
Uniformity of Ebi >0.4
Infrared radiation in effective area ≤10mW/cm2(760nm<λ≤1400nm)
Ultraviolet radiation in effective area ≤1.0×10-5mW/cm2 (180nm<λ≤400nm)
Time display accuracy 2h±1min
Operate noise ≤55dB(A)(ambit noise is lower than 40dB(A))
Basic performance the equipment total irradiance (Ebi) ≥500μW/cm2
Time display range 9999h 59min
Adjust angle 30°,60°,90°
Adjust height 1100mm~1500mm

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 96 × 52 × 26 cm

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