Series Digital Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner YR05210 // YR05216

Manufacturer: Kalstein


Digital Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner With Timer Heater, YR05216 Series Digital Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner With Timer Heater.Industrial high Q transducers, cleaning conversion efficiency is higher. It’s widely used in various applications.More and more people regard it as solid choice. YR05216 Series Digital Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner With Timer Heater
Main features
  • Bigger capacity ,higher ultrasound wave power conversion ratio, faster cleaning and times or scores of times higher cleaning efficiency than conventional method.
  • Cleaning basket with mesh screen fabricated of stainless steel argon arc welded for easy use.
  • Safe and reliable cleaning process without need of manual intervention and free of damage to surface of work piece, using less solvent, heat energy, space occupation and manpower.
  • Cleaning temperature adjustable between 20~80℃, operating time displayed and controlled digitally with LED and ranging between 0~30 minutes to meet various cleaning needs.
Model Internal Dimensions (L*W*H) External Dimensions (L*W*H) Volume


Gross Weight(KG) Ultrasonic


Heating Powery(W) Drain






YR05210 240*135*100 268*170*243 3.2 4.77 120 100
YR05211 240*135*150 268*170*290 5.0 5.4 120 200
YR05212 300*150*100 325*178*243 4.5 5.6 180 200
YR05213 302*150*150 325*178*290 6.8 6.2 180 200
YR05214 300*240*150 368*270*290 11 8.5 240 300 yes
YR05215 330*300*150 397*320*317 15 11.5 360 400
YR05216 330*300*200 397*320*368 20 12.5 360 400
YR05217 500*300*150 560*320*317 22 14.5 480 500 yes
YR05218 500*300*200 560*320*385 30 16.0 600 500 yes

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR05210, YR05211, YR05212, YR05213, YR05214, YR05215, YR05216, YR05217, YR05218

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