Series Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner YR05202 // YR05206

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaner YR05206 series ultrasonic cleaner is the multi-frequency type, three frequency 40/80/120KHz switchable. Capacity from 11liters to 30liters. It is widely used in the lab and medical industry.

Low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning

Is suitable for occasions where the surface of large parts or the surface of cleaning parts has strong bonding force. But it is easy to corrode the surface of the cleaning parts, which is not suitable for cleaning the parts with high surface finish, and the cavitation noise is large. At a frequency of about 40KHZ and the same sound intensity, the number of cavitation bubbles produced is more than that of the 20KHZ frequency, and the penetrating power is stronger. Suitable for cleaning workpieces with complex surface shapes or blind holes. The cavitation noise is small, but the cavitation intensity is low. It is suitable for occasions where the adhesion of the dirt and the surface of the cleaned part is weak.

High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning

Is suitable for the fine cleaning of computers and microelectronic components; ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for the cleaning of integrated circuit chips, silicon wafers, and wave plates. It can remove micron and sub-micron dirt without damaging the cleaning parts. Therefore, from the consideration of cleaning effect and economy, the frequency is generally selected in the range of 20-130KHz. Of course, the correct choice of frequency is very important, and the choice of a specific suitable operating frequency requires certain experiments to obtain.

Model Internal Dimensions (L*W*H) External Dimensions (L*W*H) Volume


Gross Weight(KG) Ultrasonic





power (W)






Temperature (Cยฐ)

YR05202 300*240*150 368*270*290 11 10 240 40/80/120 300 yes 1-30 1-80
YR05203 330*300*150 397*320*371 15 12 360 40/80/120 400 yes 1-30 1-80
YR05204 330*300*200 397*320*368 20 14 360 40/80/120 400 yes 1-30 1-80
YR05205 500*300*150 560*320*317 22 15.5 480 40/80/120 500 yes 1-30 1-80
YR05206 500*300*200 560*320*385 30 17 600 40/80/120 500 yes 1-30 1-80

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR05202, YR05203, YR05204, YR05205, YR05206


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