Veterinary Anesthesia Ventilator YR06103



Compact and save the space

Light and easy to move

Automatically calculation by weight to the other parameters

With breathing mode PCV mode, achieve the breathing automatically

  • Assure the animal more comfortable
  • With big animal bellow and small animal bellow
  • Gas source pipeline take the high precious gas source, no leakage forever
  • HD TFT Touch screen to make operation easy and simple
  • Built-in battery to support more than two hours in case of power failure
  • Matching with different brands of veterinary anesthesia machine
Technical Specifications
Model YR06103
Display 9-inch TFT touch screen
Gas type O2 or Air
Inlet pressure 280-600 kPa
Max flow ≤ 120 L / min
Operating Mode VCV, PCV, SPONT, Manual, Demo
Waveform Pressure, Flow-rate, Volume
Loop PV loop, PF loop, FV loop
Safety Pressure System pressure does not exceed 6 KPa
Battery Type Li-ion, work time more than 2 hours
Tidal volume Range 20 – 1500ml
Respiratory rate Range 1 ~ 150 bpm
Inspiratory time Range 0.1 ~ 12s
Breathing ratio Range 9.9:1 to 1:9.9
Percentage of inspiratory pause Range 0 to 50%
PEEP Range OFF, 3 ~ 20 cmH2O
Support Pressure Range 0 ~ 60 cmH2O
Inspiratory Pressure Range 2 ~ 60 cmH2O
Flow trigger Range 0.5 ~ 20L/min
Pressure Trigger Range -1 ~ -20 cmH2O
PSV Insp Termination Level 25%
Monitoring parameters Inspiratory/Expiratory tidal volume Range:0 ~ 2500 mL
Minute ventilation Display Range: 0 ~ 99L/min, Using Range: 0 ~ 25L/min
Spontaneous minute ventilation Display Range: 0 ~ 99L/min, Using Range: 0 ~ 25L/min
Pea/Mean airway pressure Range 0 ~ 80 cmH2O
FiO2(optional) Range 15 to 100%

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 38 × 30 × 50 cm

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