Veterinary Digital Slit Lamp YR06200

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


Professional color digital image acquisition system: able to see images digitized restore the display, dedicated digital image acquisition resolution greater than 2000 lines

Unique case storage capabilities: able to see the real picture is stored in the computer, and through the distribution of the optical memory permanently preserved, better respond to medical malpractice

Unique background lighting system: the darkroom can be compensated partially fractured outside lighting

Powerful image analysis and processing functions: analysis of the lesion, measurement, calculation and image enhancement, study table for the immediate help provide reliable, able to make a comparative analysis of the therapeutic effect

Equipped with professional color image inkjet printers: the image can be printed with high accuracy output

Galilean optical body using special high-resolution digital images slit lamp microscope optical interfaces

Technical Specifications
Model YR06200
Microscope Type Parallel angle type
Eyepiece 12.5X
Total magnification microscope 6X , 10X , 16X , 25X , 40X
Visual field diameter (mm) ฯ†37 , ฯ†23 , ร˜14 , ร˜8 .7 , size 5.7
Diopter adjustment -5D ~ +5 D
Fissure width / height width 0mm ~ 10mm continuously adjustable, high- 1mm ~ 10 continuously adjustable
Spot diameter (mm) ร˜10 , ร˜8 , ร˜5 , ร˜3 , Phi] 2 , ฯ†0.2
Crack angle 0 ยฐ ~ 180 ยฐ continuously adjustable
Fissure angle 5ยฐ, 10ยฐ, 15ยฐ, 20ยฐ
Lighting imported From Germany tungsten 12V/60Hz
Magnification 0.794X (ยฑ 8%)
Filters insulation Film, minus rays, no red tablets, cobalt blue chip
Input voltage 110V/220V (ยฑ 10%) 50/60Hz
Input Power 60VA
Input voltage tungsten halogen 4.5V , 6.0V , 9.0V , 10.5V , 12V
Fixation lamp 3.5V


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 92 × 56 × 53 cm

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