Washer/Dryer Gas Heating (Full Stainless Steel) YR06341



  • This high-performance washer-dryer is designed with a space-saving double-layer structure. The panel and drum are made from premium stainless steel, providing excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, and corrosion, ensuring durability and an attractive appearance.
  • Featuring a mechanical suspension shock structure, the machine operates with low noise and can stand independently without additional anchoring. The door system is straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy to operate. It supports multiple payment systems, including the ability to read various coins and tokens simultaneously, as well as card reading systems, making it suitable for global use.
  • For enhanced safety, it includes a door lock system for both the washer and dryer, ensuring user protection during operation. Its unique suspension system allows it to function smoothly even at high spin speeds of over 700 r/min.
Technical Specification
Model YR06341
Washing capacity 12Kg
Drying capacity 15 Kg
Washer drum dimension 670*340 mm
Washer drum volume 119 L
Washer Motor power 1.5 Kw
Inverter power 1.5 Kw
Dryer drum dimension 700*580 mm
Dryer drum volume 223 L
Dryer motor power 0.12 Kw
Fan power 0.75 Kw
heating power 13.5 Kw
910*1210*2040 mm
Weight 640 Kg

Additional information

Weight 655 kg
Dimensions 101 × 131 × 219 cm

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