YR05158 03 Channel Electrocardiograph Touch Screen ECG Machine

Manufacturer: Kalstein


As the name suggests, the 3-channel ECG machine prints 3 waveforms / channels at a time.ย On 3-channel machines, the ECG signals selected by the microprocessor are amplified, filtered and sent to a 3-channel multiplexer.

Technical description
Model YR05158
Power supply Electric
Warranty Forever
After-sales service Return and replacement
Material metal, plastic
Duration 1 year
Quality certification this
Instrument Classification Class II
Safety standard None
Type Cheap Price Animal ECG
Monitor 7-color LCD touchscreen Super slim design
Points of sale Support SD card, USB disk
Analysis modes Manual / Auto / Arrhythmia
Guides 12 Guides
Software ECGNET Optional
Anti-baseline drift Automatic
Interface USB/RS232
Storage 30,000 patients save / replay
Recording 112mm *20m
Elements specification
Characteristics 7 โ€ณ display,
touch screen
Support Ecg analysis capabilities
Guides 12 Guides
Acquisition of potential customers synchronously 12 leads
Input circuit Floating;ย Protection circuit against the effect of the defibrillator
Input impedance โ‰ฅ50Mฮฉ
Input circuit current โ‰ค0.0.05ฮผA
Recording mode Automatic: 3CH ร— 4 + 1R, 3CH ร— 4, 3CHx2 + 2CHx3,3CHx2 + 2CHx3 + 1R, 6CHX2;
Manual: 3CH, 2CH, 3CH + 1R, 2CH + 1R;
Rhythm: any selectable lead.
Filter EMG Filtro: 25 Hz / 30 Hz / 40Hz/75 Hz / 100 Hz / 150Hz
DFT Filtro: 0.05 Hz/ 0.15 HzAC Filtro: 50 Hz / 60Hz
CMRR >100dB
Patient current leak <10ฮผA
Input circuit current <0.05ยตA
Frequent response 0.05Hz~150Hz (-3dB)
Sensitivity 2.5mm/mV, 5 mm/mV, 10 mm/mV, 20 mm/mV
Anti-baseline drift Automatic
Constant time โ‰ฅ3.2s
Noise level <15ฮผVp-p
Paper speed 12.5 mm/s, 25 mm/s, 50 mm/s
Recording mode Thermal printing system
Paper specification 80mmx20m paper
roll 120mmx20m paper roll

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 27 × 17 cm

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