Laboratory Ventilation Cleaning Fume Extraction System Hood Equipment Fume Hood YR05826 // YR05828



Air Flow Pattern
  • Dirty room air is drawn into the front of the fume hood
  • Room air mixes with potentially contaminated air from chamber and is pulled upward by the building exhaust
  • Air split at back of hood increases exhaust and reduces turbulence
  • Contaminated air drawn from fume hood building exhaust fan and leaves through air stacks on room
Technical Specifications
Model YR05826 YR05827 YR05828

Above size is our standard item.

Dimension can be customized upon customer’s request.

Built-in axial flow blower and⊄250mm exhaust duct included.

Housing Using 8.0mm PP polypropylene plate welding production, after carving, bending the entire cabinet at one time, featured with strong anti-acid and alkali, corrosion resistance.
Inner shell Using a new 8.0mm PP polypropylene plate welding production, with strong anti-acid and alkali, corrosion resistance characteristic, the inner side board can be fixed with water cock, gas cock. The back plate can be fixed with baffle, roof lighting and gas hood device.
Operational worktop 8.0mm PP polypropylene worktop,  includes water fender, spray-proof, the table has a good performance of waterproof, anti-acid and alkali.
 Baffle 8.0mm PP polypropylene board, resistant to strong acid and alkali. Installed in the back of the work space and above, including at least three pieces plates, so that the work space and the connection between the exhaust pipe to form a gas chamber, the polluted gas are exhausted completely,  the baffle plate is attached to the cabinet with the clips, detachable.
Gas hood PP material, with a strong corrosion resistance, rectangular opening at the bottom of the entrance,  circular opening at the top
Fluorescent lamp 1 piece 30W light (waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation)
Window sliding door Movable vertical pull-up door, placed between the work space and the operator to protect the operator’s safety, combined with the balance position, sliding doors can be stopped at any point of activity. a piece of tempered glass window on the adjustable door, the field of view can be completely clear.
Window Using 5mm thick tempered glass
Window frame Aluminum alloy door frame, ensure the safety and durability of the window
Windows Suspension Cable Plastic suspension cable, low noise, fast pulling speed, strong balance characteristic
Control switch LCD control panel, set with the power, switches, lighting, fan and running lights and other buttons, the LCD screen can clearly show the operation of the fume hood.
Socket Equipped with four 220V universal socket. (Other type of socket can be optional, according to customers need)
Base cabinet 8.0mm PP polypropylene board, the door is firm solid, not easy to deformation, elegant appearance
Door handle Laboratory PP handle, strong corrosion resistance.
Hinge Laboratory PP hinge, strong corrosion resistance.
Water sink PP cup , made of high-density PP ,strong corrosion resistance, with filtering and anti-odor function, water trap with high-density PP production( This is extra option)
Water cock wall-mount remote control water valve, faucet, the main body is made of the thick copper, the surface with high brightness epoxy resin coating, corrosion resistance, heat resistance; Ceramic valve core, 90 ° rotation, life span 500,000 times, static maximum resistance Pressure 20 bar; switch knob for high-density PP production, ergonomic design, feel comfortable. (This is extra option)
Gas cock Wall-mount remote control gas valve, the main body is made of the thick copper, the surface with high brightness epoxy resin coating, corrosion resistance, heat resistance; ergonomic design, feel comfortable. (This is extra option)
Optional Accessories
 Air Velocity /Exhaust air volume  requiremen 0.4m/sec~0.6 m/sec.
   Noise ≤60dB
  Blower PP centrifugal energy-saving fan, fan motor 380V three-phase motor, fan material PP polypropylene, with high strength, light weight, not easy to aging, low noise, excellent corrosion resistance and so on. (According to the actual need, equip with the fan, duct, etc., the fume hood price does not include the fan ,duct and related accessories prices.

(L x W x H)


1200 x 850 x 2350 1500 x 850 x 2350 1800 x 850 x 2350
Weight (Kg) 220 280 350


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YR05826, YR05827, YR05828

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