PCR Thermal Cyclers YR01868

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

The YR01868 Thermal cycler is the flagship of Kalstein thermal cycling platform, offering unmatched performance for fast, accurate results and art interface with new ways to optimize protocols and meet any researcherโ€™s unique needs. It enables you to choose from multiple interchangeable reaction modules, use the intuitive touch screen interface, optimize PCR assays using the gradient feature, transport your files and data with a USB flash drive, and connect to your laptop/PC for remote monitoring and future upgrading.

Technical Specifications
Model YR01868
Block Formats 96ร—0.2ml(A),54ร—0.5ml(B),96ร—0.2ml+77ร—05ml(C),384well(D)
Temp Range 0โ„ƒ~99.9โ„ƒ
Display Interface 7’LCD
Max.Heating Ramp Rate 5.0โ„ƒ/s
Max.Cooling Ramp Rate 5.0โ„ƒ/s
Heating/Cooling adjustable rate 0.1โ„ƒ/s~4.0โ„ƒ/s
Uniformity โ‰คยฑ0.2โ„ƒ
Accuracy โ‰คยฑ0.1โ„ƒ
Gradient Temp Range 30~99โ„ƒ
Thermal Gradient Span 1~30โ„ƒ
Gradient Uniformity โ‰ค0.2โ„ƒ(single row)
Hot Lid Temp 20~110โ„ƒ
Temp Control Mode Block,tube*
Memory Capacity 2000**
Max.No.of Cycle 999
Communication USB2.0/RS 232/RJ45
Intelligent Diagnosis 108
Size(Wร—Dร—H,mm) 380ร—270ร—250
Weight(kg) 8.1

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 500 × 380 × 370 cm

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