Semi-automatic detection microtome YR416-1

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The semi-automatic microtome YR416-1 embodies maximum reliability and user benefit, while also providing excellent operator comfort. This instrument excels in high-precision sections, making it an ideal universal tool for demanding applications in histology, histopathology, and industrial sectors. Equipped with a cutting motor that enables precise and reproducible sections, the YR416-1 facilitates the handling of delicate samples with its adjustable cutting window and preselected speed, thereby optimizing processing time. Capable of cutting sections from 0.25 Ī¼m to 100 Ī¼m, this microtome allows seamless transitions between fine and thick sections during the sectioning process. Additionally, its memory positioning feature simplifies access to stored cutting configurations at the touch of a button.

Market Price

The price of the Semi-Automatic Detection Microtome YR416-1 typically ranges between $9000 and $10000 USD in the market. This range may vary based on geographical location, shipping costs, and additional installation fees. For a precise and detailed quote, we recommend requesting an estimate through our Kalstein Plus platform. Seize this opportunity to acquire a cutting-edge tool that significantly enhances your sectioning processes in the laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum and maximum cutting thickness achievable with the YR416-1?

The YR416-1 can achieve cuts from 0.25 Ī¼m to 100 Ī¼m, offering broad flexibility according to user needs.

  • Is it complicated to adjust the cutting speed of the microtome?

No, the YR416-1 allows precise speed adjustments ranging from 1500 Ī¼m/s to 3500 Ī¼m/s, accommodating various sample types and cutting conditions.

  • How is the adjustable cutting window of the YR416-1 cleaned?

The cutting window of the YR416-1 is easily accessible for cleaning, ensuring straightforward and efficient equipment maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Offers high precision and reproducibility in sections.
  • Facilitates cutting of delicate samples with its preselected speed and adjustable window.
  • Ideal for applications in histology, histopathology, and industrial sectors.


  • May require initial familiarization to fully utilize its advanced features.
  • The initial cost may be high for laboratories with limited budgets.

Field Use

In histology laboratories, the Semi-Automatic Detection Microtome YR416-1 is essential for achieving precise and uniform biological sample cuts. Its ability to adjust cutting thickness and speed makes it versatile for various applications, from scientific research to industrial quality control. Its intuitive design and advanced functionalities enhance laboratory efficiency and ensure consistent results in every section.


To optimize the performance of the YR416-1 Microtome, it is crucial to follow the regular maintenance recommendations provided in the user manual. Proper adjustment of cutting parameters and regular cleaning of the cutting window are practices that ensure optimal results and extend the equipment’s lifespan. Take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the YR416-1 to enhance your laboratory’s productivity and stay at the forefront of sectioning techniques.

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Technical Specifications

Model YR416-1
Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness 0.25Ī¼m
Horizontal Feed 28mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke 70mm
Specimen Holder Rotation at any angle within 360 degrees
Movement Range of the Base of BladeHolder Base 0-60mm (front to back)
Movement Range of the Blade Press plate 0-23mm
Specimen Clamp Rotation at any angle within 360 degrees
Specimen Orientation XY ā€“ 8Ā°
Maximum Specimen Size 70Ɨ70mm
Feed speed adjust 1500Ī¼m/s ~ 3500Ī¼m/s
Precision Error Ā±1%
Working Voltage AC 220VĀ±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110VĀ±10% 60Hz
Power 100W
Dimensions 575Ɨ420Ɨ330 mm (WƗDƗH)
Net Weight 37kg

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 67 × 54 × 48 cm

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