Cryostat Microtome YR426-1

Manufacturer: Kalstein


The Cryostat Microtome YR426-1 is a top-tier medical device designed for the rapid pathological section analysis of human, animal, and plant tissues. It is widely used in hospitals, medical schools, forensic units, and research institutions, providing precise and quick diagnostics, analysis, and research. With its microcomputer control, intuitive operation panel, and 10-inch LCD touch screen, this microtome offers clear visualization of temperature, operating status, and other essential parameters, ensuring easy and efficient operation.

Market Price

The price of the Cryostat Microtome YR426-1 varies depending on the region and additional specifications required. Generally, it ranges from $15,000 to $20,000 USD, considering shipping costs and possible installation fees. To get an exact and personalized price, we invite you to request a quote through our Kalstein Plus platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cooling time of the YR426-1?

  • The semiconductor rapid cooling time is 15 minutes.

2. How is the microtome disinfected?

  • The device features a UV disinfection method to ensure a contaminant-free environment.

3. What is the maximum specimen size the device can handle?

  • The maximum specimen size is 55mm x 80mm, with an adjustable section thickness range from 0.5μm to 100μm.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The YR426-1 offers numerous advantages. First, it provides high precision and control, with a temperature adjustment range between 10°C and -50°C and a very precise section thickness control, delivering high-quality results. Additionally, the LCD touch screen and multiple safety functions, such as handwheel locking and blade cover, make it easy to use and ensure operator safety. Moreover, the hibernation function and dual compressors allow quick recovery to sectioning temperature, improving laboratory efficiency.


While the YR426-1 is highly effective, it has some drawbacks. The initial cost can be high for smaller laboratories. Furthermore, regular maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance.

Field Use

The Cryostat Microtome YR426-1 is essential in pathology laboratories where rapid and precise sample analysis is required. It is ideal for diagnostics in hospitals and clinics, enabling pathologists to obtain quick and reliable results. In forensic investigations, this device facilitates detailed tissue analysis, which is crucial for solving cases. Additionally, in plant and animal research, its capability to handle different types of samples makes it a versatile and valuable tool.


To maximize the performance of the Cryostat Microtome YR426-1, perform regular maintenance of the refrigeration system and follow UV disinfection guidelines to maintain a safe and clean working environment. Take advantage of the advanced features of the device, such as real-time data display and temperature control options, to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your analyses.

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Technical Specifications

Model YR426-1
Chamber Temperature 10℃ ~ -50℃
Freezing shelf temperature 0℃ ~ -50℃
Temperature control range of sample chuck 10℃ ~ -50℃
Additional semiconductor refrigeration in the freezer -60℃
Number of freezing station 36 pcs
Pelletier number 8 pcs
Semiconductor fast cooling working time 15 minutes
Maximum specimen size 55mm×80mm
Vertical stroke 65mm
Horizontal stroke 22mm
Electric feed speed 0.9mm/s、0.45mm/s
Disinfection method UV
Section thickness range 0.5μm~100μm Adjustable

0.5μm~5μm Increment0.5μm

5μm~20μm Increment1μm

20μm~40μm Increment2μm

Trimming thickness range 10μm~600μm Adjustable

10μm~50μm Increment5μm

50μm~100μm Increment10μm

100μm~600μm Increment50μm

Specimen retraction 0~100μm Adjustable,Increment5μm
Extra Advantages
The 10-inch color LCD touch screen can separately display the total number of slices and the

total slice thickness, slice thickness, specimen retraction value, temperature control, date, time, temperature, timing sleep switch, defrost and other functions. The operation display can be set to switch between Chinese and English operation interface, which is convenient for different users all over the world to operate.

Humanized hibernation function: After selecting the hibernation state, the temperature of the

freezer compartment can be automatically controlled between -1 and -9°C. After the

hibernation is canceled, the sectioning temperature can be reached within 15 minutes.

Imported dual compressors refrigerate the freezing box, freezing table, knife holder, sample chuck, and tissue presser at five points respectively.
Equipped with rubber instrument rack and waste box
X-axis 360°, Y-axis 12°universal rotation, snap-on tissue chuck, easier and faster to install the organization
The knife holder is equipped with a blade thruster and a knife guard to cover the full length of

the blade, which protects the user safely.

Anti-adhesive tissue flattening device, with specimen refrigeration, the temperature can reach -50°, which is convenient for freezing the tissue and saving operation time
The temperature sensor self-checking function can automatically detect the working status of

the sensor

Hand wheel positioning 360° locking function at any point
Single-layer heated glass door, effectively preventing water mist condensation
The sample chuck travels to the limit position and automatically returns to the starting position function
Dimension size(mm) 700×760×1160mm
Weight 135 KGS

Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 93 × 81 × 139 cm

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